Corporate Peon: Godfuckingdamnit

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I fucking hate Excel and formulas. I know they're not hard, and I work with them all the time, but WTF???? I've literally spent my afternoon trying to take a timeline that SAYS it's for a 26-wk project but is actually for a 20-wk project and adjust it so it meets my 24-wk needs.

WTF? Am I so fucking retarded that I can't run a stupid fucking program?

Don't answer that.

I've changed the formulas, I've (manually) recalculated the dates, I've revised all the dates, I've taken the stupid T-140 (which does NOT equal 26 weeks, you numnut) and changed it to T-168...and nothing worked. Now, when I try to change them AGAIN, the stupid fucking formula changes, so I can't even copy/paste!!!! If one field says =E108-168, then why would the next field - also operating on T-168, and based off of the implementation date in E108, change to E109???????

Spite. That's the answer. Fucking fuckwads.

Why did I pick this fucking week to quit smoking??????????????

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