Corporate Peon: I am SO not drunk

Friday, October 22, 2004

I am SO not drunk

Honestly. There's only one of you out there who knows how much beer I had tonight, and it sure as hell ain't me.

So, I took down my BIL post cuz I didn't like people ragging on him, saying that he was full of himself. I firmly people that it's your right to say whatever you choose, but I also firmly believe that it's my right to post - or not post - whatever I choose.

So, yeah, I said turnipbreathheads before. I don't know what that means or where that came from. I have been SO frustrated with work people lately. And it's stupid, cuz all I need to do is do the kickass job I always do and mind my own fucking business, but...

My $4.99 roses are still alive. Some of them. Some of them never opened, but what the hell do you expect for $4.99? I'll just wait until January when a beary good friend buys me flowers. HAHAHA!

This one time, when I was in high school, I was hanging out with these seniors when I was a junior, and they were smoking pot, and this was before I started, and I was driving a friend's car without having a license, cuz she was too drunk to drive, and the girl whose car I was following pulled over and got out and yelled at me. She said I was driving too slowly and that she had pot down her bra and did I want to get us busted? She was scary.

Here's something that makes me giggle: My annoying married couple 'friends' from college who live near me are having their baby shower the day after I leave for Italy. Damn! Such a shame! I'll really miss hearing the talk about how the earth revolves around them! Fuckers! I am not your friend anymore, so quit contacting me! I hate you! You're selfish and rude and status-grubbing and fake and I pity your unborn child!

I'm naked right now. I love being naked! Nekkid! Nakie! I would run naked through the sprinkler if it were warm enough. And if there were a sprinkler. I like sleeping naked. I 'dated' a guy once who thought that was disgusting. Something about body juice on the sheets. But that's half the fun.

My head hurts.

Op, no it doesn't.

I would eat Lucky Charms now if I had any. Bunsen, share. Do it now. Comply.

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