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Sunday, October 24, 2004

I've Never...

...come on, you know that game. One person says, "I've never...fucked a dog" and then anyone who has fucked a dog (and is willing to admit it) has to take a drink. I like this game, more so than Truth or Dare, cuz I can never think of good dares. It's fun to find out what people have done that you'd never think they had.

I've done a lot of things that surprise me. Alcohol may or may not have had a part in many of those. :) And looking back, some of the things I've done were - as we say here - stoopid! Roller blading around my neighborhood at 1am; crossing the Mexican border while on Spring Break with 1 girl I knew and 5 guys I didn't know; making out with a friend's boyfriend's cousin in a crowded hottub at said friend's party; stealing wine coolers from my folks' garage; trying to ski for the first time at 25; getting my eyebrow pierced.

Some of the things I've done absolutely crack me up now. Like the time, also on Spring Break, where my gf and I ran across a field because we were afraid there were alligators lurking there, and we had no other way across. My first time at a bar, after which I woke up the next morning with a bruised ear and a missing earring, and no recollection of the spill I took on the gravel parking lot. The time I was so drunk that I got lost walking around my college town's downtown - as a senior. Getting pulled over by the cops for driving at night with only my parking lights on. I actually hadn't been drinking that time, and had no plans to, but getting pulled over freaked me out enough that I went straight to the bar.

I like to think that I'm too old and wise to do stupid things like that now. But I know the truth. :)

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