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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

My eyes are red and itchy. No, it's not my drug habit, it's because I had YET ANOTHER 7:30 call this morning. Don't worry, I woke up late. I barely had time to shower before I called in. It's always fun trying to quietly eat oatmeal and get dressed while holding a cell phone to your ear.

Not to mention, people on the call pissed me off, but that's okay.

Then, I had a 10:30 meeting in a different building. I'm not always lazy, so I walked my ass across the parking lot. Turns out, the room that the meeting was scheduled for doesn't exist, and the person who said she would facilitate the meeting never called in, so that was a bust.

Pissed me off, but that's okay.

My boss, C, pulled me over this afternoon. HER boss (CC) said that I'm interested in getting promoted to the next level, so C is using that as an excuse to pawn off on me all the piddly time consuming shit that she has to do and doesn't want to. Oh, and Round 1 of Crap Work is due this Friday.

Annoyed me a little, but that's okay - I'll get a promotion out of it.

Had a division recognition event after work yesterday - got to leave early, have free munchies AND free beer, and hang out with people.

THAT didn't piss me off at all.

Was stuck behind a woman at Target on Sunday - she needed a price check on a backpack AND on a rug, since they both rang up at different prices than what she said they were on sale for. After five minutes of eye rolling from me and no eye contact or apologies from the THREE cashiers it took to work on this, I managed to get someone else to ring me up.

On my way out, I saw a guy who literally had pieces of his brain on the outside of his head. He had a big purplish mass on the side of his skull, with no hair growing on it, and a bandage covering a small part of it. It was bumpy and red and really icky looking.

So, yeah, I'll take my stupid petty annoyances over that any day.

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