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Monday, October 25, 2004

Hi there

My announcement about my job transfer came out today (finally!) My official transfer date is 12/6, which is actually much better than I had expected. Add in the fact that I'm gone for 2 wks in November, and Thanksgiving will count as another week...the time will fly. I received lots of congrats from folks, and some (smart!) people have even told me that I'll be missed and/or the area will now be hurting. To that, I shrug. :)

I was very busy at work today and I know that trend will continue through the week. I'm backing up two other projects - both HUGE ones - and though I asked the folks at least 10 separate times to make sure x and y was done, they didn't do them, so now I'm stuck cleaning up their messes. I really don't like irresponsible people. When I go on leave or vacation, I'm always worried that I haven't done enough for my backups, but damn do I try. Eh, fuck 'em.

7th Heaven blows. I was so angry at the episode where Simon had sex. They acted like he made a fatal mistake. Why couldn't they just say, "Look. You made a decision we don't agree with, and here's why." Instead, they condemned him to a life of shame. Sex is a fact of life, people. Get over it. He's, like, 18.

I haven't made much progress as far as my Italy trip goes. Not that I want to make many plans now, but I would like to confirm lodgings for my first and last few days. Eh, I'll get that done. Eventually. :)

Anyone see the footage of the figure skater who got dropped on her head? I like to think that I'm pretty tough - not the squeamish type - but ow. Her partner was spinning as he held her above his head; you can see him stumble and she got d-r-o-p-p-e-d. Not quite from the height of above his head, but damn close. Yeow. Reason #1923 why couch potatoes have the right idea.

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