Corporate Peon: Stupid Things I've Done Lately

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Stupid Things I've Done Lately

1. Hit the curb. Hard. While going 50 mph. Damn overcompensating women drivers. (No, that's not a sexist remark - I'm making fun of me. I think I'm allowed)

2. Sat in my desk chair (at home, tg) and promptly fell over backwards.

3. Burned - nay, scorched - the bottom of a pot while making dinner. Santa has been informed of the late addition to my list.

4. Bought ten lbs of flour (hey, it was BOGO) without checking my cupboards first. I now have 5lbs in my freezer, about 3 lbs in my storage container, and about 2 lbs in the cupboard. Unless I bake 4 dozen cookies for everyone I know, I will be hoarding flour until 2010.

5. Along the same lines...I spent $5 on one single goddamn pound of butter, only to come home and throw it in the freezer, next to the other pound that's currently resting there. I figure I'll run out of butter just slightly before I run out of flour.

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