Corporate Peon

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My BIL has a very good friend who I'll call Dave. Fine, yes, I'm calling him Dave cuz that's his name. Now, I've known Dave for a good many years - at least since Sister & BIL got married, which is 7yrs ago this spring.

Dave & I used to live down the block from each other, and he helped me move from my Milwaukee apartment. We've had many a meal and a beer together and it's not unusual for the two of us to hold pseudo-witty email conversations together that crack me up.

Take, for example, this one, that just occurred:

KtP: Do you hear bells? I hear bells. Congrats, dude. (He & gf just got engaged.)

Dave: Thank you. Yes, yes. Bells are donging. Sarah wants to release live butterflies at the wedding. I don't like butterflies. I suggested sheep.

Is that funny, or is it me?

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