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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Of People and Frivolity

I learned today what some of my challenges in my new role will be. People.

One guy may be telling me "Katey, I totally agree, let's shoot for the week before the official deadline due to the Thanksgiving holiday." He may then be telling others "Why is she pushing so hard on this? We have plenty of time."

Grrrrr. Let me say it again. Grrrrrrrr.

It would be one thing if we did actually have plenty of time, but since one of the areas is already behind schedule, it looks like it wasn't too early to bring this up. I'm trying to let it go. It's only hearsay that he's fighting me to others, and he and I were completely on the same page in a meeting today, and he's publicly backed me to others. Guess I'll have to wait before giving final judgement.

I hate that!
I talked to Lois last night. She's busy pissing in people's oatmeal and ruining Lane 1's life. Same old Lois.

I also had decent, if quick, conversations with my sister yesterday and today. We haven't talked much lately - I haven't had anything to say. But this week we've talked and it's been good. We haven't said anything 'real' but it hasn't been completely fake, either. And that's been okay.

I talked to BBB today as well. He was down south with some church groups in the last week, helping out down there. Talking to him again today brought some of my old feelings back, but that's okay, too.

I'm having drinks after work tomorrow with New Girl and our old boss, C. It should be interesting. I really like New Girl and C should have some gossip. It will be nice to pretend I'm out with friends.
I went to Target tonight. It was so rainy that my umbrella inverted and didn't do me much good. I bought two new lipsticks, three new eyeshadow combinations, a new sports bra, two new kinds of hair stuff PLUS hairspray, in addition to the boring items like razor blades and such.

Necessities, people!

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