Corporate Peon: 1 Baby Step Forward...

Friday, September 16, 2005

1 Baby Step Forward...

So, Liz at MakingGlass gave me a call today. She's the one I've spoken to every time I've tried to get into one of their classes. She let me know that they are now offering condensed sampler classes on Saturdays, and their website is updated to reflect that.

So I looked...and I found one I liked...and I'm going!!!

I thought about inviting my Dad, because I know he has done stained glass work before and expressed interest in the other classes I looked at, but ultimately declined because of the travel time. This one-day thing would make it much easier on him, but...I'm being selfish and keeping it for myself.

Isn't that terrible? I feel guilty about it. I'm sure there will come a day when I regret my selfish act, but that thought isn't enough to keep me from being unselfish.

At least, today it's not.

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