Corporate Peon: Trust is Fleeting

Monday, January 30, 2006

Trust is Fleeting

One of the things my old flame Johnny used to say was that you always have choices.

That's true in this situation, too. I just don't know which choice to make.

I trusted someone close to me to not search out my blog. For over a year - actually, almost 18 months - I managed to avoid giving out my URL to certain people. I trusted that they knew I didn't want them reading me and I trusted that they would honor that.

I found out on Friday that that trust was misplaced, and I'm not sure how to handle any aspect of it - blogging continued.

I don't want to password-protect.

I don't want to scrap this site and move on. Doing so doesn't guarantee anything; if I was found once, I can be found again.

I don't want to censor myself; I've struggled enough with that in the past.

So that leaves me with...what?

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