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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Conversationally So

Left work a tad early today to go to a going-away party for a classmate of mine. E is a years older than I am and we've enjoyed a sarcastic banter with our friendship over the past couple years. He's left the company for greener pastures, and today was his last day.

A second classmate friend, T, showed up, and he and I had an interesting conversation while E mingled. T and I talked at length about the performance review and raise mentality, schedule, and excution of our company, and we talked at length about when and why one should look elsewhere for employment.

And he may have raised some points that have caused me to think. I HATE that!

Should one who has a job she enjoys that provides a challenging atmosphere, comfortable work environment, liveable salary, and great benefits - i.e., no discontent with the current job - look elsewhere because she may not know better until she finds it?

Let's call those factors 1-4, and deem them the deciding factors in accepting a job.

My stance was that the factors should be taken into consideration as a whole. Pay isn't squat if the job sucks. If the job's great but you can't live on the salary, that sucks. If you have a liveable salary and a good job, but you have nowhere to go in the company and/or shitty empl;oyees, the job sucks.

This was going to be a really good post, but 3 beers take its toll. I'll pick up tomorrow. Sober.

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