Corporate Peon: Hard to Please, Editorialized

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hard to Please, Editorialized

I can't always be your cheerleader. - Work

Fuck you if I made you feel stupid; you are sucking the life from me. - Work

I'm not your personal vent-ee. - Work

I will stop taking your calls. - Work

Maybe you CAN'T do the job; I'm done telling you differently. - Work

I'm done hearing about how your husband annoys you. - Personal

I'm done hearing about how fat you are without doing a single fucking thing about it. - Personal

I'm tired of having a boss who puts me in an awkward position. - Work

I'm tired of people telling me I don't give myself enough credit. - Personal

I'm sick of watching you chew your fingers to the bone during meetings. - Work

I'm so, so tired of having to do everything myself. - Personal

I'm disgusted that I waited for your letter and even more disgusted that it never came. - Personal

I'm sick of people getting upset if I call them out on not doing their job, or for doing it poorly. If you knew the right way to do something...why didn't you do it the right way? - Work

I'm tired of feeling it's never enough. - Personal

I'm tired of the perception. - Work

I'm tired of the questions. They make me ill. - Personal

I'm done with the hope; it was fake anyway. - Personal

I'm sick of the worry. - Personal

I'm tired of the delays, of the false tries, of the insufficient solutions. - Personal
I've had a hundred thoughts to get down but not the patience, apparently, to actually wield my fingers into crafting them.

I struggle. Often. More than I should, more than is necessary. But this helps. Sorta. Sometimes.

Guess that beats nothing.

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