Corporate Peon: Fight! Fight!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Fight! Fight!

Sauntering along the sidewalk at the crowded Cheese Days, some asshole behind us muttered loudly, "Does anyone know where the fuck they're going?" I said, "yes." He turned around and gave me an evil glare, which I matched with my own eye contact and held until he turned back around again.

On the way home, we drove through a little block party / street fair. A guy walking on the street was wearing a nice balloon hat. Safe inside the confines of the car, I started whooping at him. "Nice hat! Yeah baby! Shake that thing!"

We all realized at approximately the same time that the guy was retarded. (Sorry, is that the PC term these days?)

I felt SO BAD. We were all dying with laughter, of course, and I think my face turned a few shades of red, which is unusual for me, but damn. Thank goodness the windows were up. I would have gotten a beatdown with a balloon hat.

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