Corporate Peon: Snippets: Part Deux

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Snippets: Part Deux

I hate not being able to cut ties with people. There are 'friends' I have, who I really don't like very much. I don't enjoy spending time with them. I make no effort to contact them. I wish them well, but I wish them well from afar. So how do I make that known to them? If I don't do it now, I'll be forever sucked in once Baby Selfish comes into the world.

Kate: The last name is S------, S as -
Blockbuster Idiot: Need Blockbuster card or ID.
Kate: (Hands over license.)
BI: (Types name into computer.) Nothing. Have you rented from this store before?
Kate: Nope.
BI: What location do you normally rent at?
Kate: Dundee & McHenry.
BI: I need to call them to get your account #. (Dials; identifies self; reads off my last name.) Nothing. Could it be under a different name?
Kate: Nope.
BI: Have you rented from us within the past 90 days?
Kate: Nope.
BI: Then your account has been marked inactive and purged from the system. You need to reapply for an account.
Kate: (Takes ID back). Thanks. (Exits building).
What kind of shitty policy is that? And why, with ALLLLL the Blockbusters in the world, aren't their systems synced up?

Sister was down this weekend. As I'm driving us to the next store, I commented that I often have thoughts to do something stupid. Like, drive off a bridge. Rob a store. Park the car on the highway. I picture the cops talking to me: You have a college education; you can afford the shirt; why did you steal it? Well, officer, because I could. Not that I would DO any of those things, but they still occur to me. Sometimes I want to see what it would be like. Sister said sometimes she thinks the same things. Are we nuts? Don't answer that.

I've been spending money like chocolate. Like water for chocolate. Seriously. I don't have kids or children or debt or anyone that I'm supporting, but still. I go through phases where the money drips from my fingers. Phases like this worry me. I think they're a symptom of something else, I'm just not sure what. And since I'm not hurting anyone, and my wallet can support it, I look the other way, figuratively speaking, rather than think this through. It could be worse, right? I could be drinking. And then I wouldn't have pretty shoes to wear.

After a hook-up one night at the frat house, my best friend happened to notice that my shirt was on inside out. And backwards. So much for playing it cool.

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