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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

BlogVille: Strangers Only Apply

Our little BlogVille is a strange place. The dynamics are very interesting to me - how is it that I don't 'know' any of you, have never met you and will never meet (some, or most, or even any of) you, but yet I worry about you? I'm concerned about you. I share things with you.

When I learn that one of you is having health problems, I worry. When I learn that one of you is proud of your kids, I'm glad. When I learn that one of you is traveling, I hope for your safe return. When you don't post for a while, I worry that all may not be well - and I miss you. Your tests, your pets, your parents...I have random glimpses into all of your lives, but I only know what you choose to share, and vice versa.

Some of you, I've gotten to know better than others. Some of you I only IM, some I only email, and a rare few I've even spoken to on the phone. Some people I feel more comfortable with than others: no real reasoning behind it, just something that makes me feel a friendship - a real-world friendship - would be more functionable with you.

Those whom I've gotten to know a bit outside BlogVille know things about me that those in the Real World who know me, don't even know. I trust you more because I don't know you; I'm more open with you, because if you disapprove, I haven't lost anything. I've worked hard to keep my blog a secret from those I actually do know; I wouldn't be comfortable having them know the things I share here. I've been tempted to try integrating the two worlds, but I always shy away in the end.

Who I am here is a part of who I am out 'there,' and the converse is true. I can't - or don't - always reconcile the two halves of me, and I don't always want to.

One thing I've learned from those of you whose contact extends outside of this blog is that I'm not alone. Some of you struggle with the same things I do; some of you put words to my inner thoughts. Though I don't wish others the mire I surround myself with, it's nice to know that others have the same thoughts, hopes, doubts. It's nice to not be alone.

I'm crushing on some of you. I'd like to meet all of you. I don't know how long our little circle of friends will remain, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

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