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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Verbatim & Partials

Bill, do you have a second?

Sure Katey, what's up?

I wanted to tell you, before you found out from anyone else, that I've accepted the job in Specialty lines.

Wow. I'm surprised. Wow. If you wanted to work on something less visible and of lower priority, we could have given you that here. ... Well, don't expect to transition right away. You have a Your Choice project that is higher profile than anything in Specialty.

Dick. Please join me in giving my current boss a BEATDOWN of the highest degree.

So, yes, unless current management balks at the 2-wk PTO notice I sent out, I will be adjourning in Italy later this year.

On other notes...the casino blew tonight. Not that I didn't expect it would, but come on - at least play along with me, will ya?

I hate fall because I get all itchy. Well, some of it is the eczema that won't die. Maybe because I don't use my steroid cream as often as I should. But dude, when I don't itch, I don't think of it. Anyway, I am itchy all over - on my way home tonight, I actually took a boobage out of my bra for better scratching. Did you know LeAnn Rimes has eczema? She's apparently promoting some website to help publicize it, or something. Give me a break. Eczema is not (as far as I know) a life-threatening condition. Can't she support a better cause than that? I mean, there are starving Somalians, folks!

Oh yes, one more thing. We (my division) have a meeting (yes, it's called a division meeting) with our VP and P of our - no, not division - our department. Today, in my team meeting, we were given questions that the muckety-mucks might as of us. And then we were 'coached' on how to respond.

No, not what answers to give, but more of what not to say. How not to embarrass ourselves (i.e., how not to embarrass our leadership). How not to give the mucketys - who have no idea who many of us are individually, of course - the impression that we're all schmucks. Someone 'jokingly' mentioned the word 'censorship' and of course, that threw the bosses into a tizzy. No no no, not censorship, just guidance!

Barf. SO glad I'm leaving this particular leadership.

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