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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Rants & More!

Yeah, I got nothing of my own today, so here's some things that have amused me. Thanks to News of the Weird for the info. I'm sure I'll update many times today.

Does this remind you of anyone you know?
Austin Gullette, 45, was arrested on Aug. 31 in West Monroe, La., after his sister caught him allegedly having sex with one of her three pigs. Two days later about 100 miles away in Florien, La., Timothy Garner, 35, was arrested after being spotted inside a henhouse, allegedly having sex with a chicken. (A sheriff's official in the West Monroe case said he had never before, in his 29-year career, seen a case of a man having sex with a pig, but then he added, to a Monroe News Star reporter, that of course there were cases involving men with "dogs, donkeys and sheep.")


I'm so sick of all this hype about 'He's Just Not That Into You.' What crap. Sure, like most girls, I've been known to obsess about a guy a time or two (One of the still existing jokes between me & college gf is about the time when, walking with my two roomies, and seeing THE MAN, the BMOC who I'd been crushing on for years. He threw me a wink, and for days after you could hear me muttering "He winked at me!" He winked at me! He winked at me!) , but I'm (mostly) done with that now. If a guy likes me, he better be mature enough to let me know. I mean, come on - I'm 27. Any guy I'm talking to better be around that age bracket, and know better than to play games. There's no note passing, no hang-up phone calls, no sending friends to check me out. If he can't get past that, then he can walk past me.

Maybe I should write a book titled 'It's Just Not Worth It'. Expose all the games that guys - yes, and GIRLS - play - and let folks know that a true catch won't engage in that shit.


The (British) People Have Spoken!

Bush voted best movie villain!


Yeah, I changed the title. I'm really in more of a ranting mood than a rambling one. I just have ZERO patience for stupidity and LAZINESS and it is running rampant over here! I may need to go downstairs and have a smoke, something I rarely do at work. Sorry to disappoint, Bean - but cigs win by default.
Relief! I just took my nylons off and threw 'em out! They had a run down one side - not very noticeable, but the inside thigh had holes! Lots of them! And they're new nylons! So now my white legs are on show for anyone who has the gall to still be here. That will teach them!

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