Corporate Peon: Everyone Wants to Be Like Me

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Everyone Wants to Be Like Me

How cool am I? I have no idea if I have to work on Friday or not. Yep. I threw out the 2004 holiday schedule, figuring I knew everything. And now, I don't know if we have Christmas Eve off or not. My plan is just to say to people, "Are you working tomorrow?" and see what the reactions are.

My old boss, Ellen, who is now a good friend of mine, and I had lunch yesterday. Yummy Chinese food. Mmmm. She gave me a big ole candle in one of my favorite candle scents, Buttercream. She knows that's one of my faves cuz I left her a message about candles recently, for reasons that escape me now, telling her how Buttercream candles make me want to melt the wax down and wear them, they smell so good. I gave her a Murano glass necklace I bought for her in Venice, that had a purple glass bead, which is her favorite color. She either really liked the necklace or faked it well. :)

I made my first chili last night. Not sure if it really qualifies as chili, per se, but it tasted good. And now I have a whole shitload of leftovers. Although 'shit' probably shouldn't be associated with food, huh. Well, you haven't had some of my cooking...

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