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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Back in September, I attended the baby shower of one of my closest friends, N. N lives out of state, so I don't get a chance to see her that often. She's married to a great guy, B, and she's an active step-mother to B's daughter, A.

A is 10 and a half. She's a great kid - funny, helpful, generally polite and upbeat. I'm not very good with kids, and I don't spend much time with A, but she's enjoyable.

When I went out for N's shower, I brought a small present for A. I threw it in a decorative bag and placed it in the master bedroom, just off from the kitchen, while I helped with the party set-up. When things had calmed down a bit, I grabbed a quiet minute with A.

"A, I know there's a lot of excitement about the baby, but you're going to be a big sister, and that's a very important role. I have a big sister and she's always there for me. I wanted to make sure you know how important a big sister can be, so I got you a little something. It's downstairs in your room."

A scampered off; came back upstairs a few minutes later and gave me what I thought was a strange look. "Thanks," she said.

The next day, over lunch with N and another good friend (who was the actual shower host), N told me that A had mentioned to her that I gave her something and talked to her. N asked me very carefully what I said to A.

When I told N, she said that A had told her exactly that. N then told us how when she asked A what I got her, A said "Well, she said it was in my room, but nothing was there. I just figured she meant love. She gave me love for the baby."

It was at precisely that second that I realized I had tucked the bag in the master bedroom, out of the way. That poor kid! She thought I was giving her some bullshit gift, some inane pep talk! Shit, I actually spent money on the kid!

We had a good laugh out of it, and especially over A's politeness to thank me for a gift she didn't quite get, and I made sure N knew where to tell A to look.

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