Corporate Peon: Oh. My. God. * Updated *

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oh. My. God. * Updated *

The parents won't stop bickering at each other. I've already threatened to drive back home. Any comment one makes, the other has a subtle insult ready for response.

I'm sure part of it is stress over mom's upcoming surgery (Tuesday). But jiminy cricket, since when did sarcasm become the preferred way to show you love someone?

Oh, right, since Day One in this family.

This better not keep up, damnit, or it's gonna me, the dog, and some books this weekend.

* Update*

My parents have been married for 41 years this month. I never quite know what to make of their relationship. I have memories of crouching behind the linen closet with my sister, crying, listening to dad rant and rave and cuss and break things in the other room. The fights I'd then get into with my sister, shrugging off her concern, refusing to let myself be consoled, for I couldn't console her or mom or make him stop. The day of my birthday party where he threw plates and stormed off, and left mom to clean up and handle the guests. The trip to Springfield we took without him, since he & mom weren't talking. The time he left us for a few days, no note, no explanation, just drove off in a huff and stayed away. He went skydiving that time; his own way of tempting fate, I guess.

Nowadays, they're likely to hold hands or hug, but I don't trust it. One summer home from college, I found a letter from dad to his mom, saying that the divorce was in progress. They've never mentioned a divorce to us kids, and we've never brought it up. They say they love each other, but I don't know if they know what that means.

I don't think I know what that means.

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