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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

There's a bulletin board I see fairly often. It's a little girl wearing a tiara and a diamond necklace and a big ole ring. The caption says, "My mommy says no diamond is too big."

I hate that bulletin board. It encourages all the wrong values in little girls. If I were in the diamond-buying market, I would so boycott that advertiser.
I went shopping after work yesterday. Spent $40 at Lord & Taylor. Pipe down, I only shop the clearance there. They have GREAT deals on their clearance - 80% off of the original price. I bought three items, including a $94 skirt for under $20.

And apparently I have a black skirt fetish. I think I own 10. I barely own 10 pairs of shoes.
BBB is starting to annoy me. He's really really overwhelmed at work, which I can completely identify with, but his to-do list keeps growing and multiple things get carried over from the prior day. Which, again, I totally understand. I just don't see how, then, he has the time for 2hr lunches and 30 minute chats with me, even though I try to get him to leave.

If there's that much to do...shut up and do it.
Back in the day, when I had my old projects, I scheduled a meeting for yesterday. Stupid Rude Girl (SRG) and I had agreed that she would run that meeting. Kind of hard to do if you don't attend.

I didn't say anything to her as I walked to the mtg; she has a calendar. But 5 minutes in, which she hadn't shown up or called in...I ran over to her. "Are you coming?"

Guess who didn't show? Guess who ran the meeting? Guess which client called me after the meeting and asked if SRG had shown up?
I STILL haven't heard about my increase. Other areas have. I guess, in the long run, it doesn't matter - my salary won't decrease, so anything else is just gravy.

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