Corporate Peon: It's Only a GAME!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Only a GAME!!!!

We're using a simulation game for class. All teams in class are companies in the shoe manufacturing business. Each actual week represents a year in the game; we have decisions that need to be made weekly in regards to how much we'll sell, where we'll sell (there are four locations), how much training we'll provide, how we'll price our shoes, etc etc etc.

It's a very interesting tool, the game, but one of my teammates takes it WAY too seriously. We're not graded on how well we do in the game; rather, we're graded on how consistent we are with our strategy and how we apply our learnings.

But Zealous Teammate (ZT) sends us daily thoughts. And analyzes the projections like you would not believe. Never mind that they're projections; never mind that everything changes once we get placed against our competing teams; never mind that we have, in actuality, no control over how we do, since we're not operating in a vacuum.

It's only a game!!!!!!! Not to mention, it's our LAST CLASS! There is NO NEED to be so gung-ho right now, and frankly, with only 5 weeks left in the entire program (after tomorrow night), it's more than a bit annoying.

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