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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's All About Me, It's All About My...

...yep. That's what you get when you come here. 100% me. For better or worse, I take myself.

Long, long day today. I managed to cross a couple things off my growing to-do list, but not enough to make a dent. I had meetings from 11-3 at the building across the parking lot, which meant I had to grab an empty cube when I could and check email from there. Not very productive.

And while we're on the subject of work...I should find out tomorrow if I take my original projects back from Stupid Rude Girl. I'm dying for them to make a decision, because I'm already knee-deep in my new projects. Is anyone running the show?

I think I made BBB feel badly today, which made me feel badly. I had to push him to get me something that was overdue, and I told him 5pm was the absolute latest deadline, and of course he missed it by like 10 minutes and then gave me incorrect information. I didn't yell, but I wasn't pleased. I think he avoided eye contact with me.

Then, there's class, where my group did HORRIBLY in the game simulation this week. Me, I don't give a shit, for reasons I've already gone into, but ZT (Zealous Teammate) does. He's analyzed every factor from the results we got at 10am yesterday. And when I say analyze, I mean, made notes on every_single_factor_for_every_team_in_every_region. I don't have the time, and frankly, if I did, I wouldn't give it that way. He made a comment tonight when I didn't have the printouts that 'we need to be looking at the numbers because that's where every decision is made' blah blah blah.

And, he's suggesting changes that aren't in line with our original strategy. He basically shot down every suggestion I made, which although I didn't have the data, I've done my reading and I'm aware of what's what, and my ideas are valid.

In light of all that, I didn't complain once when our group meeting took a full hour, putting me home 40 minutes later than I'd like.

That being said, I'm now going to finish scarfing my frozen pizza and do some write-ups for class.

Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll wake up at 4:30am again, masturbating, and I'll finish that, log on to work, and spend another 11hr day at the plant tomorrow.

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