Corporate Peon: Two Small Things...and One Medium Thing

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Two Small Things...and One Medium Thing

And no, I'm not talking about dick!

At the bar with BBB the other night, two small things happened that cracked me up.

1. I got to the bar first and sat at an empty table with my beer. I wasn't exactly out of the way, but I certainly wasn't on the main path, either. I was just people watching and waiting for BBB to get there.

The reason we were there was because an old coworker of BBB's was leaving and folks were going out for drinks. I saw BBB before he saw me; he was standing in a doorway, talking to the coworker group. My waitress came by and asked if I needed anything. Since BBB still hadn't seen me yet, I ordered a beer and asked the waitress to deliver it to him.

I saw her approach him with the beer; she handed it to him, said something, and pointed in my direction. He looked my way with a really incredulous look on his face, saw me, and cracked up. That was fun, and a first for me. I mean, yes, I've bought guys drinks before, but never like that.

2. The second thing that made me laugh was also a first for me. As I was sitting at the table people watching and waiting, I noticed a guy out in the main part of the bar. He wasn't very note-worthy, I just happened to notice him.

Then I noticed he was at the jukebox very close to my table. Then he was at my table, asking if he could buy me a drink.

I thanked him and politely declined. (I really was polite about it; I know that takes guts.) I was also going to invite him to sit down and chat, but he left pretty quickly after that.

Made my night, though. Sure, guys have bought me drinks before, but usually after we've started flirting/talking.
I knew from talking to BBB on Friday that he was planning on going into work on Saturday. I emailed him Sat and asked how long he'd be there, whether he'd be up for anything afterwards. Gave him my number.

He called on his way out and said he was just going home. No biggie.

Well, at about 10pm last night, while I'm lounging in my jammies watching Law and Order reruns, he calls. Says he's at a bowling alley with friends, how bored was I?

It was a good time. We bowled until 1 when the place closed. I've heard BBB talk of this married couple before, both good friends of his, so it was nice to meet them. I had a good time.

I've been debating on whether or not to keep writing about my interactions with BBB, since it doesn't mean anything. I get to a point where I'm sure I wouldn't date him (if that were even an option), and then he does something that makes me change my mind.

Whatever. We'll just have to see how things go.

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