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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Where IS it? - Updated


Tonight's the night I was FINALLY going to move my old crappy chair and my old crappy table and my old crappy lamp/table (yes, it serves two functions but is one piece of furniture) to my 'storage unit' so that I can have my floor space back (and maybe even vacuum it, seeing as how I paid with my soul for my new vacuum), but someone has put their things in MY storage unit!!!

I was going to return the favor and put my stuff in a storage unit for an apt I know is empty, but I can't find my stupid lock.

I have about 3 different combination locks, cuz I always take them along when I travel. I'm usually pretty good about putting them back in one place, because I don't normally need them out, but...

I can so picture one lock lying around here, I just can't find the fucker!

- Update -

Turns out, Cub Foods (24 hour service) sells locks. With two keys. For a mere $3.99. I might be cheap, but I'm not THAT cheap.

Oh, and they also sell name-brand batteries. Color me happy.

This post may be deleted due to its happy ending.

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