Corporate Peon: Smitten - Updated

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Smitten - Updated

Smitten, as in, having been smited.

I think there are secrets being kept that are being kept from me.

Is it any of my business? Nope, not really. Strike that - nope, not at all.

Would I be upset if I had been told upfront, instead of finding out about it in a backhanded manner? No, not...upset. Uncomfortable? Maybe. Left out, certainly. Left behind, maybe.

Unchosen, definitely.

I refuse to feel that I did something to cause myself to be unchosen.
I re-read this and needed to clarify. It's not that I refuse to see that my actions played a part in the choice that was made. It's just...I refuse to feel I could, should have been better, different so that the choice happened differently.

I refuse to feel that I wasn't chosen because I wasn't _enough_ of something. I'm done with that.

People choose people. It happens.

Best of luck.

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