Corporate Peon: You Make Me Wanna

Monday, February 28, 2005

You Make Me Wanna

1. It's funny to me - since I removed the comments, my readership has really dropped. I've thought about adding them back - not for that reason - but I'm just not feeling it. I feel I'm writing more freely, more honestly, more openly without them. Maybe I should just add them back and work on keeping this mindset, but I'm not there yet. Thank you to those who have felt strongly enough about posts to email me your comments; I do appreciate it, and that's the banter I miss without comments. Soon, friends, soon.

2. I love my mother's pot roast.

3. Some of you have emailed me, asking if I'm doing okay - that I seem down. Au contraire, mes amis! I'm doing okay right now. I've been too busy lately to allow myself to wallow. Between working consistent 11hr days, homework, keeping in touch with friends and fam, and trying to keep a clean house...self-pity's on the backburner these days. Thanks for asking, though.

4. I was trying to book my Costa Rica trip tonight but I'm at an impasse. Is it worth an 8hr Miami layover to arrive in CR during the daytime? I've done a bit of travelling, and I think it is...but I also hate that thought.

5. I think my new neighbor has birds. I hate birds.

6. I hate the morning Chicago news. They anchors are far too flippant for a big city. I mean, this is Chicago. There's a lot going on here. Cut the cutesy jokes and songs and give me the news, damnit.

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