Corporate Peon: Tuesday

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Tuesdays are frozen pizza night in the Peon's household. I love pizza.

I was taken out today for a bribe lunch. On the company. At a nicer restaurant than I've been in, in at least 6 weeks. You want good Italian food? MMMM.

I had the veal, which is fast becoming a favorite of mine when cooked Italian-style. It was deeeeeelish.

And I resisted the chocolate mousse.

But don't worry. This blog will not resemble Bridge Jones's diary, where I keep track of calories consumed (probably too many, but fewer than it could have been) and cigarettes smoked (1).

I also managed to forget about a meeting I had scheduled, so that got moved to tomorrow. Whoops. Way to schedule a 12:30 mtg and come back to your desk at 1pm. Oh well. They'll get over it. I'm not usually irresponsible like that.

I guess, maybe it is true. Everybody's human. Except, you know, those who aren't.

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