Corporate Peon

Friday, April 15, 2005

Sigh. Today started out so well.

Had an easy but productive morning at work. Went to lunch with a friend at a new place. It was yummy and she paid. Got back to the office to check mail before a 1pm mtg - after which I was planning to skip out - and found fires.

I take pride in doing a good job. People who work with me know I care and know I try to do well. When issues are found on my projects - issues AFTER we've implemented - it bothers me. If we find issues during the project lifecycle, well hell - that's why we test and ask questions and have inspections.

But AFTER we've done all that? Uh huh. Not. Having. It.

So, yeah. Some production issues were found on one of my projects. Granted, this wasn't my project from the beginning, and it's been...challenging, to pick it up part way. Granted, these weren't issues I could have found. Granted, these aren't major issues - hell, it's only insurance.

But still, it shot my good mood and my afternoon to shit.

Alright. I still have things to do before I skeedaddle, change out of my hot pink kitten heels, and go meet Aimee and Lois for dinner.

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