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Monday, April 11, 2005

Welcome Home - The Good & the Random

The rest of the night was fine; we got back to J's house and his hoochie was there. Even though he had told ME she wasn't going to spend the night, he didn't exactly tell her that. And, she has a key - even though she's not his gf. Whatever, dude.

Saturday, we all slept in and got a much later start than I wanted. We drove around the old haunts - yeah, Tonia came with, though I specifically don't recall inviting her - and we had lunch out at a local pub.

After that, I dropped J & T off and went on my way to Jamie's. I got to see her be a nurse to her oldest, and a dead-mouse-checker for her youngest, and got to have the only 'real' conversation of the weekend.

Once back from Jamie's, I took a nap. I knew the plans for that night were an after-hours party at the house. After-hours meaning, after the bars close. After-hours meaning, starting at 2am. Yeah.

It was going to be a long fucking night.
As I looked through J's senior yearbook and all the faces that I once knew and called my friends, a funny thing happened. I finished looking through the book from the front; this time, I started from the back.

The yearbooks always have a section for ads from local businesses, and where families can send a little 'congrats' note to their offspring. On one of the pages, there was such a family 'ad' from my old BFF's sister; one ad from my old BFF's parents; and one ad from my old BFF.

BFF's ad accompanied a picture of us, circa 7th grade - dressed as hippies, probably before one of her Halloween parties. Her ad said: "Someone would laugh or say something you used to say, and suddenly you're in my thoughts. Even though you're 1000 miles away, you still make me smile. P.E.A.S & Love"

That signoff was an internal thing among our hippyish group - Peaceful Environmentally Aware Skaters. Cringe. At any rate, I cried and I smiled when I read that. Though I didn't like who she had become the last time we saw each other, I was still touched, and I've emailed her to let her know.

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