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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Welcome Home - J

It's weird to say that J is such a racist redneck homophobe, b/c while he is, he's also sweet at times. I know, not related. He bought a mattress/boxspring so I wouldn't have to sleep on the couch. He did laundry specifically so I'd have clean sheets and towels. He bought lunch out and I don't think I paid for a drink the entire time.

He's also a slut. When I gave him shit for fucking a 21yr old, he told me about the 18yr old he's trying to hit. He & Tree told me many, many stories about passing a girl to the other once he's done with her. J's 'standards,' such as they are, are that any prospective fuck must be a) Between 18 and 36 yrs of age, b) Be no bigger than he is (eh...5'11", 180? He's a scrawny fuck), and c) Must be willing. Real discriminatory.

No, I don't approve, but I'm trying to make myself understand that I don't need to. It's hard.

J is also self-absorbed. He didn't ask me a single question about myself or my family, and I really hope he realizes it when his mother asks him about me. Does he know where I work? No. What I do? No. That I finished grad school? No. That I'm single, live in an apt, have no pets? No. My sister asked me if I called him on this, but I didn't; to me, if I have to bring it up, there's no point in doing so.

J also calls every female hon, sweetie, babe. I hate that. If we're dating, and you call me that, I'll melt. If we're friends, and you call me that, I'll like it. It makes me feel cared for. If you don't know me at all, then don't call me such names. It's degrading and sexist and it's J's way of trying to fuck everything that walks.

J didn't get up to see me out of his house. Did I have everything, want a soda for the road, know where I'm going? Nope, he'd stayed in bed with Tonia.

I used to think of J as an older brother. I've always had one or two special guy friends who look out for and after me and will kick ass if any guy fucks with me. J's no longer in that role, and I'm glad.

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