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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I've only known that my high school reunion was this coming weekend for, say, three months. Maybe four. So why is it that I only started shopping for reunion clothes on Saturday??

That's right. Stupid.
I called my new IT guy today with some issues.

"Dear IT God, yesterday you copied some files to my new CPU from my old CPU that I really really need. Today, though, they're gone. Please help."

"But they were there yesterday."

"Yes, they were. But they're gone now. Please help."

"But they were there yesterday."

(Pause while IT God takes remote control of my system and pokes around.)

"Oh, you're right. They're not here now. Let ne look into that."

"Oh, and IT God? While you do that, please check out my missing personal address book, since that's also missing."

"But it shouldn't be."

"But it is."

"Here, I can map that to you now." (Pause. Doesn't work either of the THREE times he tries.)

"Okay. I'll do that too."

Waste of my fucking time. STUPID IT guy.
My old team took me out for lunch today. That wasn't stupid at all. I laughed quite a bit at the banter between New Girl and R.

New Girl set up a drink night with R, BBB, and a few other fun people. That's not stupid, either.
I finished running group last night. Two sets of 10 verrrrrrrrry slow minutes. Yay! Just gotta keep it up on my own, which I want to do, so it should be easy enough. Not stupid there, either.
Oh! More stupid! Got a call from the chic at the glass making place. They set up the new, less-expensive, more-attractive-to-people-wanting-classes class. It's every Friday from 9:30 to 11. IN THE MORNING. Every other class I had talked to the contact about was in the evening.

I called her back, thanked her for her message, confirmed that it was a weekday morning class, and said, "Sorry. I have to work every weekday. Thanks again for the call." Click.

I know it's not her fault, but seriously. WTF was she/they thinking?

New favorite show - Weeds. I love the irreverence. Not stupid.
I have a bruise just beneath my belly button. WTF? Stupid.
Online Boy gets a big ole STUPID. When we met last week, he asked what I was doing over the weekend (this past weekend). I said I might go visit my sister in Madison.

A few minutes later he said, "You mentioned a sister. Where is she?"

Slight pause. "Madison."

Later - "What are you doing this weekend?"

I emailed him a few days after our meet. I knew he was moving downtown on Friday. We talked about it in person and on the phone. So when I emailed over the weekend, I asked how the move went.

He responded to tell me that he moved downtown over the weekend. fucking shit, fucking Sherlock Stupid Holmes.

Say it with me, folks - S T U P I D !!!

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