Corporate Peon

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So anyway, there I was on the balcony wearing ONLY my purple see-through boy-shorts when...*

Oh. Hello there.

I think I've bitched enough lately about the shittily coordinated move taking place at my office so that you all know the drama of last week. In a nutshell: No boxes before vacation, communication via ESP to tell me I should be ready the second I'm back from vacay, then no one has a clue, then it might be Friday, or maybe Monday, so be ready! So I was. And I didn't get moved.

I spent yesterday and part of today working without my notes, folders, papers, PENS, etc etc. I was not happy.

Yesterday I got an email saying my move was scheduled for 10am this Thursday. Spetember 1st. This week. 10am.

Imagine my surprise when the movers came at 10am THIS MORNING.

Yesterday I talked to a computer guy who said he was going to deploy all my schtuff to a new faster CPU. Bigger & better & free - can't be that. It'd be all ready for me on Thursday morning. Um...crap.

We had to move my old computer, and then I spent hours unhooked up to the networks (re: hosed) before they started the redeployment that isn't yet complete.

And I missed jeans day today b/c I didn't think I'd be in the new area and it wouldn't really be right if I wore jeans in the old building.

But, the move is done, my cube is all set up purty and I even managed to get some work done today. All's well that ends well, yes?

*Yes, I actually did sneak out on my balcony dressed as described just now. I was oh-so-careful NOT to have the door lock behind me.

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