Corporate Peon: My Car Is a Water Bong

Friday, October 14, 2005

My Car Is a Water Bong

Okay, so maybe it just sounds like a water bong. And maybe that's only when it's not sounding like a Harley. Or a lawnmower.

And no, I don't know what a water bong sounds like from personal use. The mother on Nip/Tuck was using one a few episodes back. Although that does remind me of a story...

When I was visiting my girls back in September, three of us were sitting around catching up and bullshitting. One of the girls has a stepdad, T, who we've all grown up with. Somehow the conversation turned to how T used to be a big druggie when he was growing up.

"No way! T? Shut up."
"KtP, seriously. I mean, he's been smoking cigarettes since he was 13."
"Oh please, that doesn't mean anything," I scoffed. "I started when I was 15, and that doesn't mean I'm a big pothead."

I said all that in one rush, in one quick breath, and afterwards there was a small pause of silence before we cracked up.

See, out of my NoDak girls, I'm the only one who's ever dabbled in the artform that is potsmoking. And I was the first of the group to begin cigarette smoking.

So maybe there is something to it...

Or maybe you had to be there.

It's a beautiful day here. I'm tempted to go buy a pack of my favorite menthols and sip some beer on my balcony. My first glimpse outside today threw a shock of yellow leaves at me; those weren't there yesterday.

Have a good weekend, kidlets.

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