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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Theme of the Week... quickie marriage.

I don't mean a shotgun wedding. I mean, getting engaged (and then presumably sealing the deal) within or just shortly after a year of meeting the significant other.

Am I the only one who sees this as a bad idea? And if so, is that because of my natural tendencies towards bitterness and scorn for all things happy and light?

A coworker of mine got engaged 9 months after she started dating her man. A second coworker is engaged after 11 months of dating her man.

I've never known or understood how one 'knows' they've found their mate. Everyone says "you just know," or "when you meet him/her you'll know," or "I knew right when x or y happened." Having never been in that situation, I can't say for sure whether they're right or not. I'd be stupid if I thought it was the same for each person.

So, then, if you can't be certain that you've met the 'right' person...does it really matter how long you've known them? I knew Ex for literally a dozen years before he tore my heart out, spit on it, set it on fire and performed an African rain dance on the dying embers. As the punchline to my mother's favorite joke asks, what's time to a pig?

Everyone knows someone who dated their SO for years, finally said "I do," and still ended up divorced down the road. What did they gain by dating for so long before tying the knot? Did they think they earned security? A guarantee? Boy, I bet they're laughing now.

Maybe these people who seemingly rush into marriage are just looking to be happy. Maybe they think they need the piece of paper, the communal name, the joint checking account to make all the sadness, all the misery fade away. They'd be wrong, of course, but can I really fault them for trying?

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