Corporate Peon: Hello from Goereme

Friday, December 09, 2005

Hello from Goereme

Hello all. İ trust all our well and hopefully İ won' hit too many wrong keys on this Turkish keyboard! So far İ've been enjoying myself a lot. Dad is a bıt (read, VERY) hard for me to deal with, but that was to be expected. My brother-ın-law, however, is fantastic and a real help. We have seen quite a bit - yesterday we saw fairy chimneys and a secret city and went on a hike (that actually used rope to rappell down one pıece of ıt - no, they didn't tell us that beforehand!). The food is great and hopefully İ'll have great pictures to show you.

We are heading to Konya today via bus and spending just a few hours there. We'll get on an overnight train tonight and arrive back ın Istanbul tomorrow mornıng for our last day. I am debatıng buyıng a rug - they are GORGEOUS! - and have picked up a little bit of vocabulary from BİL. Ask me what camel, fly, city, friday, apple tea (yum!), and a dozen other useless words are, and İ'll know them!

E-Lo & baby were ın my dream last night - looking forward to catching up with all of you in a few days.


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