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Monday, November 21, 2005

More Shop Talk

Subtitled: An Intro to KtP's Psyche

There's a reason I called myself a loser in the last post and then proceeded to say things are going well for me at work.

I'm a little embarrassed to be so interested in doing well at work.* Yes, my job pays my bills and without it I'd be oh-so-screwed. Yes, there are other jobs. However, this one gives me challenging and interesting work, new opportunities, ample pay, and damn good benefits. I'm kind of intent on keeping it.

None of that's unusual, I don't think. But I do find it unusual for someone my age to be this vested in a job.

Maybe I've just lucked out; while a select few of my friends have the same type of job (type referring to the four items mentioned above), there are quite a few more who have shit jobs in every sense of the word. I had a shit job before this, and while I tried to do well there, I also didn't give a shit or seek out opportunities as much as I do in my current role. I just didn't give a damn about the prior company, employees, or business, and I felt that feeling was returned to me. Which came first? Not sure it matters.

Yes, climbing the ladder involves political game-playing. I don't know that I'm any good at playing that game, but I do acknowledge it exists and would be the first to admit that it's helped get me to my current rung. Since I already have to play the game, to a degree, why not continue?

And in a somewhat (un)related note, BBB fucked up today. BIG time. He made a really, really, REALLY stupid mistake. STUPID mistake. BIG mistake. It led to a very unhappy business person, and though the fix was pushed through so the impact will only be for 24hours, it still was an unhappy time today.

Though, I suppose the plus side is that BBB will never make that stupid mistake again.

*This is different than doing a good job at work. That I do too, but the initial statement is about 'doing well' as in 'moving up.'

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