Corporate Peon: I'm a Loser, Baby

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm a Loser, Baby


1. Last month, my graduate school had a Q&A with Jack Welch, former CEO of GE. He was promoting his new book, Winning, and was travelling to business schools across the country to plug it.

Well, I wasn't able to go to that because I lost the lottery, but I did take time out of the workday this Tuesday to go watch the taping of it.

Wow. Jack seems like such an interesting guy. He got very passionate about a few answers, has a sense of humor, and appeared very candid. I really enjoyed seeing the tape, and

2. I ran to the library that night to check out the book. All copies were checked out, so I reserved the first available.

3. I got one of those 'copy the email, answer the questions, and send to your friends get-to-know-me' emails tonight. Question #7 asked what book you were reading. The gf who sent it to me asked if Glamour counted. I, of course, am reading 'Cult of Power,' about sexual discrimination in corporate America.

4. I was 'nominated' (what that exactly means, I'm not sure) to take part in a new program at work. The program is about developing high-potential employees, cross-training them, possible business travel, and other opportunities. The program is only open to 50 people. I'm strangely excited. I still have to apply and get accepted, but I'm intrigued.

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