Corporate Peon: Leftovers

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I threw out some of the leftover holiday goodies because I was so sick of them. The leftover baklava, however, will be consumed.

Sprint is trying to charge me for my free upgrade. Fuckers! If someone would have answered my first, second, or third call to customer service today, this could have been resolved already. Fuckers.

I did some useless cleaning last night - my makeup/hair cabinet in the closet, to make room for the new soaps and lotions I received; some shredding of documents that have piled up. Tonight I made chili and cleaned up the kitchen a little. Remind me to get leftovers ready for lunch tomorrow before bed.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow; they're supposed to have my pathology reports back. About two weeks ago I had a very very uncomfortable very PAINFUL biopsy done from a place where no biopsies should ever be done again EVER. I actually hope they've found something, for I've been having some issues for months now that aren't getting resolved. If they haven't found anything, then...I don't know what I'm going to do.

I did actually get most of my Turkey pics developed and am thinking of uploading some so I can show them off. That's progress, right?

I managed a brief but good conversation with New Girl today - all personal talk. I learned a few things about her that surprised me. I like when people surprise me, when I think I have them somewhat figured out and then BAM they throw a curveball at me.

The other night I dreamt that BBB and I were competing against each other in the Real World/Road Rules challenge. I so need to stop watching that.

I finished The Nanny Diaries tonight and was really disappointed by the ending. I wanted Nan to really stick it to Mrs. X. Stupid fiction book.

I have such a crush on Hyde from That '70s Show. He even has my birthday, if you subtract a year and add a couple months. That means it's fate, right?

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