Corporate Peon: Christmas Redux

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Redux

Back at the folks today, after three stops at ice cream stores for peppermint ice cream.


My sister's bday is January 2nd; she wanted a chocolate-peppermint cake she saw in Cooking Light: two layers chocolate cake with a middle layer of peppermint ice cream. The cakes were baked last night; the ice cream, no where to be find.

Finally, Ben & Jerry's came through. It may be white ice cream, and it may have chocolate bits in it, but goddamn if it's not peppermint!

We had time for a brief visit before dinner; BIL & I made a quick beer run just under the wire. We came back to roast beef and - latkes!!!

It's a family tradition - we make them once a year when we're all together for Christmas. It started years ago, when dad's mom would visit for Hanukkah. We stopped for a while, for unknown reasons, and then when BIL got into the picture and told us he had never had any, we started again.

Mmmm mmmm good.

After dinner we did stockings; there were a few nice surprises, both given and received, and then we played Trivial Pursuit 90's edition and gorged on my baked goods that mom froze when I was here last week.

Tomorrow? Breakfast of my homemade pumpkin bread...actual presents...a birthday celebration that will mainly consist of cake...and perhaps bowling.

Friday, us kids (and two dogs) leave for the weekend in Madison.

Aye. I'm already tired. So far, though, sister and I are getting along great. We're teasing and poking but so far, not too far. Cross your fingers that this trend - much like the warm weather - continues.

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