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Sunday, December 25, 2005

So This Is Christmas

Got to the 'rents Friday, early. My car was packed to the gills - baked goods, dirty laundry, clean clothes, presents.

So far, it's been nice being here. Relaxing. Ran a couple errands with dad yesterday; then ran a couple errands with mom. Went to church with mom yesterday; that's something I do every year for her. I usually make a fuss, but the degree varies.

I always feel badly when I'm in church with her, knowing she's there every week of the year alone. Knowing she's looking at all the little babies and kids and wishing for grandchildren. Knowing that I can't help with either of those wishes.

Mom didn't do a tree this year, as we thought we'd be at my sister's. Well, those plans changed at the last minute, so there's still no tree. Decorations are up everywhere, though, and I'll help hang the stockings in a minute.

Yes, that's right. It's Christmas day and we haven't hung stockings yet. Without my sister and BIL here, it just doesn't seem like Christmas. We haven't opened or exchanged a single present, and we won't until they get here on Wednesday. Well, we'll probably do it Thursday morning, actually. It's not a very Christmassy Christmas without them.

We all had some of my homemade pumpkin bread for breakfast, though, and are sitting around reading various things with Christmas music playing in the background. Mom washed the dog yesterday, so he's clean and cuddly. I finally got some Turkey pictures developed, so I might do some vacation posts later today.

For now, though...hope everyone's enjoying their holiday. Be well.

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