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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thievery in the Morning

Thanks, Joanne!

Did you have any New Year's Resolutions this year? Nope, it's hard to perfect perfection.
Who kissed you at midnight? An actual, live boy
Does it snow where you live? Yes it does
Do you like hot chocolate? Sometimes
Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? No, and I don't have much desire to, either. It sounds like something that in theory would be fun but the reality would not be so much

Who was your Valentine in 2005? Nobody
What did your Valentine get you? An imaginary present
When you were little, did you buy Valentines for your whole class? Didn't everybody?

Are you Irish? Part, yes
Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day? Not usually
What did you do for St. Patty's Day? Probably sat on my ass

Do you like the rain? Only if I'm inside with nowhere to go
Did you play an April Fools joke on anyone? No, I'm always afraid of getting gotten back
Do you get tons of candy on Easter? Nope

What's your favorite kind of flower? Any kind someone gives me
Do you like the spring? Yes
Finish the phrase: April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? My birthday! Okay, not really, but growing up, we always had crocuses (croci?), daffodils, and even strawberries in time for my birthday.
What would you think of as a spring color? Yellow. Or purple, or pink, or green

What year did you graduate from school? High School - 1995; College - 1999
Did you go on any vacations last June? Nope, not in June

What did you do on the 4th of July? Sat on my ass. I may have been at my folks' though.
Did you go on any vacations during this month? Jesus, no, not in July. Any other month, but of course this doesn't ask then...

Did you do anything special to end off your summer? I visited my best girlfriend in Virginia.
What was your favorite summer memory of '05? I had a fantastic birthday in NoDak with the girls.
Do you go swimming a lot in the summer? Not as much as I should, considering there's a pool in my apt complex.
Do you go to the beach a lot? No

Did you attend school/college in 05? Yes, I finished grad school
Who is/was your favorite teacher? Oh god, I have no freakin idea
Do you like fall better than summer? Nope!

What was your favorite Halloween Costume ever? I was a chocolate chip cookie in a Girl Scout/Brownie parade when I was little. Otherwise, I'm not a huge fan of dressing up because I can never think of anything.
What's your favorite candy? Um...Cheetos? Yeah, not so much a candy liker.
What did you dress up like this year? A corporate peon

Whose house do you usually go to for Thanksgiving? Mommy and Daddy's
Do you like stuffing? No
What are you thankful for? A healthy family

Do you like Christmas? Eh. It could be so much easier but it will never be.
Have you ever been kissed under the mistle toe? No
What do you want this year for Christmas? A digital camera (which I'm getting) and 1carat total weight diamond stud earrings (which I'm not getting).
What's the best present you ever got for Christmas? At the time I thought it was stupid, but the rolly duffel bag dad got me years ago has gone EVERYwhere with me.
Do you like cold weather? Not so much, but it's not really a bother. You get used to it.

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