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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day-to-day Shit

I made a lot of headway this weekend, getting my place in visitor-shape. I actually dusted the entire living room - and I won't even tell you how long it's been since I did that. I also culled books from my too-large-for-my-bookshelf collection and threw them into the donation section of my library. Then I threw a bunch of clothes at Goodwill; clothes that had been (for the most part) packed and taking up floor space.

I put my old computer monitor into my storage unit and my old CPU is sitting ready to be booted up and scoured for any personal files (or porn) before I donate it.

I got a pedicure and my brows done today. I also spent $60 at Target and got almost everything on my list and only one thing that wasn't on it. Since that item is a blanket my girls can use next week, it doesn't count as useless spending. :)

After dinner with the Irish folks Thursday, some leftovers made their way into my car. Unfortunately, some of the leftovers got onto the leather and fabric of the passenger seat and the backseat, so that was carefully cleaned today.

I shopped for and purchased items to make Valentine's treats for work. Every Tuesday I have three 1/2-hr meetings in a row; they're all in the same room and some people need to be at all three. They gave me crap last week for not bringing them chocolate, so I will have treats this week. I'll probably make a few more cookies tomorrow night.

I took pictures of and posted a few items for sale on eBay. I still have my GameCube to sell; I'll get that set up tonight.

I cooked a healthy dinner and have already cleaned up after it.

I just have to vaccuum the family room and pick up the blankets I use on the couch and this room is done. I have to clean the kitchen floor; clean the bathroom, and then put away clothes in the bedroom, and the whole place is done.

It's all boring, but it feels good.

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