Corporate Peon: The New Math

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The New Math

Remember the contract position I mentioned below? The one that pays barely less than what I currently make?

The recruiter gave me the hourly wage - say, $50. I took 50 and multiplied it by 40 = 2000. Right? Right.

So that's $2000 per week. My current company pays us twice a month; so, 2000 times 2 = 4000.

$4000 a month. Minus a third for taxes, and you get approximately $2600 a month take-home.

Not worth it. Right? Right.

Now, if I had taken into consideration that there are FOUR weeks in a month...then that's 2000 times 4, for $8000 month. Subtract taxes and you're taking home almost double what I currently make.

THAT...that, might be worth pursuing.

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