Corporate Peon: The Law of Averages

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Law of Averages

This week in recap:

  • Got some cute new purses and jewelry - all on clearance!
  • Had two jeans days at work - love those
  • Got promoted
  • Got a compliment on my car by a random guy in my apt parking lot
  • Used my federal tax refund to put me 8 months ahead on my car payments - schweet!
  • Finally managed to catch up with my gf in VA - had a good, long talk with her
  • Was too lazy to do the cleaning that my apt requires, so am currently living in a pigsty
  • Had my non-date and wasn't impressed
  • Got all excited by new messages in my MySpace account only to find out that FREAKS want to be my friend
  • Found out I make $20,000 below the official minimum of the salary band for my job and that nothing can be done about that.
  • Found out that my library sucks and only had, like, 2 of the books you folks recommended. Their reserve system only notifies you by phone that something is in and since I don't have an answering machine, I won't ever find out when my books are in.

Still and all, I'd call this week a good one.

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