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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Tonight is my first night watching any of 'Dancing With the Stars.' Mildly amusing but not quite worth the hype, as is true with so many things.

And Drew? Whether you win or not, take my advice: No former boy-band member should ever say, "It's all good in the hood."
Taxing weekend as usual with the fam. My sister still does not understand why I haven't forgiven her for searching out the CP; "she's acting like I slept with her boyfriend." Honey, don't flatter yourself.

Aside from that tension, there was the usual bickering:

S: I don't think Ellen Pompeo should be on the cover of Self. She's a self-described waif.
KtP: So naturally skinny women should be punished?
S: Yes
KtP: That's the fat girl's cry.
S: Deep sigh, then a muttered "You're so much fun to talk to."

I've learned over the past year or so that unless I agree, I'm not much fun to talk to. If I don't excessively compliment, then I'm not much fun to talk to. So I've been staying rather quiet, which then gets me comments about how grumpy I am. "Is there anything you'd like to talk about?" When I say no, that doesn't mean I'm being a bitch. Perhaps it means I'm content to just listen and not offer a dissenting comment; perhaps it means I know nothing about the topic being discussed, and am therefore silent. Or perhaps it means I have no interest in the topic but don't feel the need to be included in every single conversation.

Sorry, that's not true. It obviously means I'm being a grumpy bitch and expressing that vividly.
Even with my parents, I've learned my opinion doesn't count. Not that it necessarily should, but don't ask me a question if my answer won't even be considered.

"What do you want for lunch, KtP?"
KtP: Fried chicken

"KtP, do you want to come to the furniture store with us?"
KtP: No
"Well, tough. You're coming anyway."

And they all wonder why I either say nothing or ask if my opinion matters.
When the girls were here last weekend, I bought some long mirrors from IKEA that I thought would look nice above the couch. Now, though, I think they will look a bit too 70's and am debating returning them. Which of course still leaves me with nothing above the couch...which is amusing in that after I purchased the mirrors, we went to a billion stores where I saw about 2 billion things that would work in their place.

More decoration shopping? I'm not sure I can handle that.

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