Corporate Peon: Mini Cacti & Their Plight

Friday, October 29, 2004

Mini Cacti & Their Plight

I have three mini cacti on my desk. They're pretty ordinary cacti. Someone moved them from my actual desk to the desk ledge - you know, the little wall a foot about the desk that gives me 'privacy' from the guy sitting in front of me.

However, those poor little cacti have taken a beating. They've been knocked down twice that I'm aware of; I would move them back down to my desk, but stupid people sit on my desk and knock them over. Also it's so very dry in here, that I've literally been watering them weekly, and it doesn't seem to do any good.

I just took a close look at them, and the prettiest of the bunch is having problems. It's a nice thick green stem with a pink bulb 'flower' on top. The flower has little spikeys on it. It's kinda cool. Yet, when I picked it up, I noticed it has a brown spot on one side of the bulb. Much like a brown spot on an apple - it's all squishy and soft and gross. And, there was a baby bulb growing from one side of the bulb, that was also all brown and squishy and gross. I plucked that one off.

What I'm dying to do is cut away the bad spot on the big bulb. I have scissors; I could just cut away and inside the bulb until I've cut out the brown spot. I know, I should leave well enough alone, but it really isn't well. And it's really bothering me.

As for the other two...well, I don't know. I know that while I'm on vacation, no one will take care of them, and they'll most likely die like my ivy did during last year's vacation, and that makes me sad.

Yeah, that's a whole lotta worthless thinking for some stupid mini cacti.

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