Corporate Peon: You Might Be In Fargo If...

Monday, September 27, 2004

You Might Be In Fargo If... have a 'temporary' mailbox stored in the garage eaves. You never know when a drunk friend might back down your driveway in winter and run over your steel mailbox post, causing it to snap in the cold. leave your key in the ignition and the car unlocked while it's in your driveway.

...Wal-Mart is hoppin' on a Friday night.

...a carton of name-brand cigarettes costs $31.48. With tax.

...the 'international' airport only flies two airlines.

...the gates at the 'international' airport are numbered: Gate 1, Gate 2, etc. There are no terminals to factor into the mix.

...the ratio of pickup trucks to people is 2:1.

...owning a house with 6/10 of an acre warrants a small John Deere riding lawn mower. Don't worry, you can take the mower off and attach the snow blower for the rest of the year.

...the mosquitos are so big you can break a fly swatter trying to kill them.

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