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Friday, October 01, 2004

Random Shorts

Know how in cartoons, whenever a dog is being walked, he's pulling on the leash and is way in front of the walker? That's how I feel about my boobs lately. They are ALWAYS in my peripheral vision these days. I don't even need to look down; they're just always there, poking out, leading the way. I'm by no means endowed like Dolly Parton (despite my sister's jeers - jealous bitch), but I ain't carrying two bug bites on my chest, either. Maybe they've been feeling neglected lately and are prompting me to give them attention. Who the fuck knows.


So, I stop at Caribou Coffee tonight, wearing an t shirt (Truce? I'll hug your elephant, and you can kiss my ass). The coffee girl said, "Oh, that's cute. I like shirts like that. I got one for $2 at Target. It says, 'On a scale of 1-10, you really suck.'"

What the fuck does that have in common with my shirt? Get a clue.


By the way, has sold their 200th shirt. Thanks to all who have promoted and/or purchased!


Thank goodness for office birthdays. What kind of Friday would it be if there weren't brownies and donuts for breakfast?

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