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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Evil Deeds

That's me, your vulgar blogger, here to ignite and entertain and make you get off that ass and jump around. Jump up, jump up and jump down!
Mom' s surgery went fine. Dad called and said they had problems intubating her, but all is well and she's in recovery.
This ASSHOLE was going off on the phone before. I'm sorry, but if you don't tell me you have a question, I can't answer it for you. I'm not a fucking mind reader, you mutherfucker. You've had weeks to tell me if you have any questions. Now, the date is NOT in jeopardy because YOU sat on your ass and waited for my ESP to kick in!And then the fucker sends me an email later, saying his rage isn't directed at me, all my stuff is in order, etc. Goddamn right it is. Good thing I'm just backing this project up.
I have another post in the works, but I'm still writing it. So this drivel will have to suffice until then.
I mentioned before that dad gave each of us kids some money for Christmas. Very generous of him. But, it also concerns me. He gave us money last year too - a significant amount more than this year. I know he's had a tough time with the market this year.
(Dad, on Monday: Damn thing went down AGAIN! Dad, on Tuesday: It's up! If this holds, we'll be good! Dad, on Wednesday: Stupid fucking market!
Katey: it goes up, it's gonna go down...and if it's down, it will go up. But see, then it's gonna repeat that pattern. So, yeah, it's up one day, big fucking deal, cuz it will be down tomorrow.
Dad: Thanks a fucking lot!)
So I'm worried that they've lost a bit of money this past year. I worry that they won't be able to live for the next 2o years (knock wood) on what they have. Not that I would mind supporting them, I just don't know that I _could_, given my situation. I'd definitely have to stop buying shoes. :)

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